The Double Deckers' Lyrics:


Plan B - Words by Justin

Keep On Pushing - Words by Jason

Late at night you come into my window
With that skinhead reggae playing on the stereo
You hold me tight and you never let go
Is that this love that everybody's got to know

You're holding it right my love
The feeling inside
You're keeping it tight my love
And you keep on pushing

Back in the day I knew that you would be true
You know girl you still come follow me like you used to
We got the music and we dance under the moon
Everyday girl the sun comes up too soon

Late one evening come onto the dance floor
See people shaking and you want to move some more
We got them dancing as they're walking through the door
You got that rhythm from wine stronger than before

Wendy - Words by Tim

For all of my life I wanted you to be mine
For seven years I waited for you to give me the sign
And when you kissed me I thought the planets had fallen in line
Intoxicated by your lips divine

When I was with you i had no more reason to worry
And when you held me I felt no more need to hurry
But now I miss the way you kissed me and blissed me last night
You said you loved me then you said goodbye


Wendy I miss you, I want to kiss you and make you be mine
But if I can't have you, I won't waste my time

I Could Die - Words by Yianni and Justin

Another cigarette, take your bet on the game
I'm ready to try, to see days go by without you, just my drink
in my glass.
It touched the lips on the mouth
When you told me the lovin' was dead I could die

What this drink would say if you came back to stay.
A few more days, a few more times.
But you were tired of me,
drinking the sorrow of me, baby, I could die
In my glass.
it touched, the lips on the mouth
When you told me the lovin' was dead I could die.

Too much frown to be drinkin' down,
Too much money to pay.
Baby you left me there on the ground,
I didn't know what to say.
So here I sit,
thinkin', drinkin'
I ponder the reasons why I should try,
But you ain't comin' back as a matter of fact,
and so I feel like.... I could die.

Luke - Words by Justin and Bighead

Luke was born in the desert and he traveled down to Dagobah
That's where he formed a band and learned about a thing called SKA
Now he's master of the Funk, the Sultan of the Ska,
his music's got more firepower than the Death Star
And little did he know that his band would get so far

Now, He beat the Dark Side using the power of the Force
The sabre was his gun and the spaceship was his horse
He glides across the dancefloor with amazing turns, he won't stop skankin' until the Jedi returns
You mess with this guy, you know you're bound to get burned

[Imperial Bridge]

Well it's a good thing Obi-Wan Kenobi came to the dance
Making sure Luke kept his Light Sabre in his pants
The ladies watch him skank, he seems to glide, They all want him to commit to the Dark Side
Luke's got so many fans, there's no where to hide

Box - Words by Jason

Look up now you're out on the street
Livin' like a rat with nothing to eat
This is it and we all feel the same
And there's nothing but a lie to keep us all insane

You don't need me to help you
No one can help you now
Say it again for the very last time
You don't need me anyhow

Well now, homeboy can't you see
There all just preachin' on TV
Damn dogs, and they preach it all the time
It's nothing but a lie to keep us all in line


Black listed, Telephone, CD
We'll all die from technology
It's not hard to break a rusty chain
It's nothing but a lie to keep us all insane


Bus Stop - Words by Jason

Waitin' for the bus, but it don't come
Somebody says it's a quarter to one
Got to get out of this town
I'm on the bus cause you don't want me around
Got to get away from this town
All the people here got me down
That stupid bus might take me there
But I don't know exactly where

I need a place to set my sights
Away from the pain of the city lights
Where's the bus when I need it now
It's my ticket to get out
I don't know where I'm gonna go
Somewhere better than this place I hope
If I could think, if I could breathe
I'd go away, I'd take my bags and leave

A Day In The Life - Words by Justin

I'm back in the game
Sweet-lipped baby's callin' out my name
I'm home in the street
And I'm tryin' to keep up with the city beat

Drivin' downtown in my baby blue Caddy
Bow down to me cause I'm your pimp daddy
Ain't got time for your shit today
Cause I got plenty more suckas to play

I carry a gun
sippin' malt liquor when I'm on the run
A crown on the dash
Better stop on the corner let me get my stash


Now I'm sippin' on brandy
Cause life to me is a box of candy
Yeah, I'm settin' the pace
You won't live long if you step to my face


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